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In this guitar lesson, Steve Stine discusses 3 Warm-Up Exercises that you can do daily to get your fingers moving and avoid injury.

When you are simply trying to warm up, it’s different from a heated “practice regimen”, and what I have found is that warming up better prepares me for the hard work I am about to encounter.

When I wake up and grab the guitar, or get home and am going to play for the first time today, I need to do a simple yet effective form of finger warm-ups so I don’t injure myself, and it makes my practice more productive.

1. 20 Second Legato Exercise
2. The Roll
3. The String Cross

Now, there are MANY approaches and alterations to these, but it will give you a start to creating your own warm-up.

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  1. Putting your hands in warm water is quicker

  2. Nice any warm ups for the right hand ?

  3. Jonathan Castañeda

    nice PRS guitar
    great video, thanks!!

  4. You're always a massive help, man. Your free lessons are a great complement to my one-on-one guitar lessons with a private tutor 🙂

  5. That string cross exercise is killer – I'm definitely going to add it to my daily routine. Thanks for another great lesson!

  6. autobotsNdecepticons

    Your regular exercise and warmup suggestions are great, Steve. Thanks.

  7. This builds strength like crazy. I gleaned some stretch exercises from Kris Norris that work the shit out of coordination for sweeps. These are great when used with a metronome

  8. Thanks a lot Steve. I always enjoy watching your videos but it's an extra motivation to see you using PRS custom 24. (I say to myself: "Now you've the same guitar, no excuse! let's do that".)

  9. Just a heads up been watching you for about a month-and-a-half now and can guarantee 100% my guitar skills have improved strength in both hands coordination in both hands thank you sir

  10. Dude I'm in ND let's start a band!! Hahaha

  11. What do you use for distortion to get the metallica and megadeth sound

  12. Gud job ,,,Steve ,….
    And for sure I have to appreciate u ..,,, because getting a lessons from guitarist like you on YouTube this is the best thing for us….

  13. Steve you're awesome!!!

  14. What do you think of stress ball ?

  15. Very much needed lesson… Thanks buddy

  16. Hey Steve… Amazing video as always … I wanted to ask you something about your beautiful PRS … Does it have a Pattern Regular of a Pattern Think neck profile ? does this neck feel like a baseball bat in comparison with the Jems ? I am a jem guy… while i am craving for a custom 24 but i am afraid of the neck a little bit…

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