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This was one of the tunes that I taught over and over to kids while I was a private guitar teacher. I believe it might have been in the first guitar hero game but I’m not positive. Basically this tune is 3 power chords over and over. You can play this 2 different ways and I tried to break them down. Hope this video helps and thanks for the support!

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How to play “mother” by Danzig taught by Marty Schwartz
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  1. Genio!

  2. The chords just sounds awful on my guitar… the neck's and pickups been broken..

  3. thank you so much 😀

  4. Коля Фёдоров

    Привет Марти , ты крут ! I'm from Russia )

  5. thanks Jonah Hill

  6. sevaaan five threeee 😉 nice lesson!

  7. it's sounds too much like ACDC.

  8. maria Celma Tavares

    Algum br?

  9. How did I know I'd find you on here! My man! Yeah I thought it was G A and B. I first anticipated it was. But just to be safe I looked it up and the first link I clicked on said it was F G and Am. That ain't right.

  10. marty could you do skulls by misfits or any misfits track

  11. GuitarJamz Great video Marty!!! The SG you're using is the reason I bought one, best guitar ever IMO!!! Keep up the awesome work!!!

  12. so i spent: 30 minutes looking for tab, an hour trying out different versions, and have had no progress at all.
    i spend 16 ONLY 16 minutes on one of Marty`s videos and i got the whole damn thing down to a beat, even the deadnotes

  13. I love the guitar reminds me of a angas young

  14. Paxto….I mean Mother!!!!!

  15. learning this with my Danzig shirt on

  16. accord is a down down down down?

  17. Jeremiah Rothwell

    Beautiful guitar.

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