DARN THAT DREAM – Jazz Guitar LESSON – Chord Melody Tutorial

Note 4 note guitar LESSON on the jazz standard DARN THAT DREAM Chord melody guitar tutorial. + TABS + Backing Tracks!

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Darn That Dream is a jazz standard by Jimmy Van Heusen. It has a beautiful melody and great jazz chords.
In this jazz guitar lesson I’m going to be showing you the guitar chords and the melody for Darn That Dream. You will learn how to play them simultaniously. This is called Darn That Dream chord melody or guitar solo or guitar instrumental.

I will teach you some theory, whenever ther’s the need for it, so you understand what you are doing and not just learn to play Darn That Dream on guitar by heart.

I’ve also made a backing track, so you can start practicing right away. Of course you can always look into the downloadable Darn that Dream guitar tab for reference. But since I explain everything note for note, slow and easy you will be able to follow the song just by watching the video.

This is not a guitar transcription of someone else, but a unique arrangement done by me. I’ve tried to make the Darn That Dream chord melody arrangement as easy as possible without making it sound bland. You’ll find some great jazz guitar chords in there and I’ll always tell you what name the chords have, so you know what you’re doing.

Darn That Dream guitar is a ballad and therefor very suitable for beginners of chord melody learning. Everything is slow and easy, so no hurring.

You can download the Darn That Dream Tab and Backing Track from one of te links up above.
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Hugs, Sandra 🙂


  1. Salvador Garcia

    Como siempre una gran interpretacion de Sandra, y un tema que yo había solicitado ya hace tiempo, uno de mis favoritos. Muchas gracias por acordarte de este clásico. Muy bien maestra!!!

  2. Syberoffense - Hacking With Kali Made Easy

    Another great transcription! Thank you so much.

  3. Finally! So you DID see my request/suggestion when you asked for them a while back. Very cool, Sandra! You've put a smile on my face again.

  4. One of my favourites, lovely melody, nice arrangement Sandra, not for beginners though !

  5. I love your arrangement. Very cool lesson as always. Thanks

  6. Love how U explain everything…Mahalo Sandra…God Bless…

  7. Sandraaaaaaaaa

  8. Excellent! Thanks from Brazil!

  9. Chilekwa K. Chilekwa II

    Some people are so gifted in teaching. So easy to follow and internalize the concepts. If you were my A-Level Mathematics teacher I surely would have had an A+ in that 1998 examination I had instead of a flat B I got instead. Nuff respect much love and greetings from Zambia

  10. Haha!!! Awesome Sandra. Thanks so much. This is one of my favorites.

  11. Schpotzl Zwergl

    Never heard of this one, but it sound really lovely!

  12. Love your tutorial…perfecto..greeting from indonesia

  13. Gerd Van Juuten

    What an excellent lesson! Thank you, Sandra, for all your hard work. You made me enjoy playing the guitar again! I cannot thank you enough for that!

  14. Bravo, I like it!

  15. Thanks to all those who requested this jazz standard. It offers a great opportunity to learn, practice, and play some cool chords. And, I guess I should thank Sandra also (lol)
    Keep them coming. Many thanks again

  16. Andis Galaxysvieractive

    Noiiiiiceeee 🙂

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