Daughters John Mayer Guitar Tutorial Lesson Acoustic

Daughters – John Mayer Acoustic Guitar Tutorial Lesson

This video is a simple lesson tutorial on how to play John Mayer’s classic acoustic track “Daughters”.

The song sounds amazing acoustic, and in true John Mayer style he has incorporated unique chord voicings which are different to your standard open chords. This is a great song to learn for those guitarists who are after a challenge and want to take their chords to the next level.

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Dave T

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  1. Thank you this helps a lot!

  2. Awesome videos. So much better than the other tutorials. The other guys won’t stop talking about nonsense. Keep’em coming!

  3. Second bridge chord isn't right, it should be 8th (4rd string) 7th (3rd string) 8th (2nd string). Good job with the rest.

  4. Great lesson

  5. Awesome lesson thanks man. one of the best I've seen!

  6. Finally found the one that feels right… thank you!! The correct names on each chords are very helpful for me too for I want to learn what it's all about on the frets. And putting diagram next to you is super helpful. Thank youuu

  7. Cool lesson. One thing though: I would really strongly suggest that instead of teaching people (specifically new players) to mute the low E string (when it's not needed) by resting a finger on it while strumming full out, they should really be taught to just not hit that string while strumming.

    The finger-mute thing is sloppy playing, which we can all get away with when playing live, but if they try to record a track doing that, it'll be quite a bad experience.

    I know this because for my first 10 years playing guitar, I used the finger-mute thing, and when I tried to break that habit after all those years, I struggled like hell. I really wish someone had told me when I first started playing to only strum/pick the strings needed for the chord, period.

  8. Bro ur staring into my sole

  9. Aleksandr Semenchenko


  10. This is the most informative video I have seen on all of Youtube for guitar tutorials. Great work! You've earned me as a sub :):)

  11. Thanks for making this so simple, clean and fun!

  12. Amazing lesson dude!!

  13. excellent tutorial. well explained.

  14. shouldn't the second chord in the chorus be 'E dominant 7'(E7).Rather than 'E major 7'(EM7) ???????????????

  15. The best guitar tutorial I have seen online ever! Amazing! Good work, keep it up!

  16. well done you are great

  17. Such a great lesson. Thank you so much

  18. Starsky Hutcherson

    1 thumb up.. I'm color blind and when ur tabs go red I lose it.

  19. my pinky developed biceps

  20. Nice accent 🙂 What is your source?

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