Dave Grohl “My Hero” on the Howard Stern Show in 1999

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl plays a solo acoustic version of the band’s hit for Howard during his 1999 visit to the Stern Show.

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  1. Jeff Porcaro Groove

    heres a guy that isnt a guitar player by trade but because he has feel and heart can play and write a song every high school and college age player can learn in a day…and they are still playing in their dorms while dave just sold a million records…writing great songs is what so many technical players just dont get…especially pop rock sings like this…

  2. Everyone has there own take or idea of what they think any given song is about ,hell 3a.m. by matchbox 20 was actually wrote by Rob Thomas about his mom having cancer when he was 11-12. People believe what or how a song resignates with them regardless of what the song/lyric writer wrote the song about & hell that's how music will always workout and that's fine ,different people will always have different ideas of what they think the meaning of songs are about because people are different and have all come from different walks of life.

  3. This song is so garb I always thought it was Nickelback

  4. AJackofalltrades

    Such a great song. I hope he makes it big one day. 🙂


  6. Songs about all dads who worked their ass off all their life for their fam!!!!!


  7. Robert Parkreiner

    Great performance

  8. never has a taylor sounded so good

  9. If i could choose anybody in the world id like to have a late night drinking session sitting round a table, dave grohl would be it! i grew up listening to navana and the bloke is just a very special muscian. excuse the spelling

  10. I was a solid high school football player.

    But one of the things I remember most was as a freshman, where I obviously had no shot of seeing playing time, jogging out from the locker room and hearing this song as the first one to play over the speakers as we were getting out there, high fiving coaches in the way to stretching. The drums and then the guitar ripping in before the moving first verse… it'd always been a great, intimate song for me but in that moment and for every home game my freshman year thereafter, this song got me extremely amped to play, emotional, and just moved. And I never thought that could happen to hype me up for a sport.

    This song is transcendent and along with Everlong, their best song ever. One of the greatest songs ever. Songs like this help us more understand ourselves and what it means to be human. Songs like this are what life is all about

  11. As if this is 20 year old , christ almighty !

  12. Him: nah it’s not about that
    Everybody else: YES IT IS!!! I KNOW!!!

  13. Stern needs to quit analyzing the damn song. Dave was obviously getting irritated, if it's about Kurt, great. If it's about ordinary people, great. I have a special person I relate with this song. It's for the listener, it means what the listener wants it to mean.

  14. My favotite version. Of this song. Ever.

  15. Just your average ordinary dad (parent) is really a Super Hero (to the kids). Celebrate Dads (moms and families).

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