Dave Mathews Band – Ants Marching – Guitar lesson, how to play on Acoustic Guitar

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Hey what’s up you guys, Marty here from MartyMusic! Here’s a new lesson for Dave Mathew’s Band “Ants Marching” a really fun acoustic tune with some pretty cool acoustic guitar voicings and embellishments. I hope you enjoy the guitar lesson and thanks again for supporting “MartyMusic”!

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  1. Thanks for watching and supporting MartyMusic! You can get FREE courses at http://www.MartyMusic.com

  2. Speaking of John Frusciante… My friends. By red hot please . ( Don't hate me John )

  3. lol. This song litterally popped up on my youtube today and it made me want to learn it. Just about to check if you put out a lesson and here it is 😀 Cheers!

  4. Hey Marty. Check out some Anarbor stuff! Keep up the great work

  5. Josef Van Plateringen

    Can you do 'Levi Stubb's Tears' by Billy Bragg

  6. Joshua Schierl

    I’d love to learn operator by Jim Croce, one of my all time favorites. Could you make that happen?

  7. Yes yes Marty!! Teach more Dave please!!! How about The Stone!!!

  8. Argh ! Hands aren’t feeling good today, somedays I kill it and Sometimes my fingers have a bad day…. anybody else have good and bad days playing guitar

  9. Dave def has a unique playing style, original

  10. Thx Marty how long have you been playing guitar how old are you? U look about my age born 1980?

  11. Fun song but hard to sing and play to for me

  12. Could you please do knee socks by Arctic Monkeys? Really cool song I think and I'm really struggling with the sliding riff part. Love your tuts btw! Been following since guitarjamz

  13. Will you PLEASE do a video on Girl, you have no faith in medicine by the white stripes. Pretty please

  14. Yellow Rose Farm

    Hey Marty! Thanks for the great lesson once again! Just to let you know, there is a small spelling mistake in the video title. It is supposed to be "Matthews" instead of "Mathews". I don't think many people noticed it, but I thought I'd let you know! 😀 Thanks Marty!

  15. jalle westberg

    you should do an lesson on Jigolo Har Megiddo by Ghost its an amazing song

  16. Your lessons are amazing!! U think u can do Storywriter by Supercar?

  17. steve vai tender surrender
    steve vai for the love of god
    stevie ray vaughan look at little sister
    stevie ray vaughan may i have a talk with you
    stevie ray vaughan mary had a little lamb
    stevie ray vaughan couldn't stand the weather
    and more stevie ray vaughan songs

  18. goldylox &the3bears

    I'd like a lesson on stone sour. Bother. Please

  19. hey marty, can you do a tutorial for the navy song – billy talent https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ol3zgrD-gV0 i really love that intro
    oh and another great song is it's magic – pilot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzlK0OGpIRs old but gold 😉

  20. Could you please teach us desecration smile by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers

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