Dave Mathews – Gravedigger – How to Play Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Tutorial

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  1. play through glass by stone sour

  2. good stuff..

  3. Eaglexsonne Rammstein

    thanks for the lesson.

  4. Dude you fucking rock, all videos are very well done and helpful. very impressive keep it up !

  5. Does anyone know the strum pattern to the verses?

  6. You should do a tutorial on Oh or Some Devil!

  7. You're an inspiration to millions! Thank you for sharing your talents!

  8. Do you have a tutorial on Oh by Dave Mathews?

  9. thanks mang!!!

  10. great lesson, keep on keepin' on.

  11. Thanks Marty.  Love the lesson!!

  12. Dave songs are awesome to play b/c his chord progressions are so unique … Helps in improvising on our playing

  13. Thanks Marty, I've always liked this song and always wanted to play it. Great lesson. You are a great teacher.

  14. Thanks for the lesson!
    I only wish it had more slow-motion parts about rythms.
    Like the one you did for "friday i'm in love" (that was a perfect guitar lesson by far!)

  15. Marty, you are the best guitar teacher on the YouTube. What about Sister by Dave Matthews?

  16. Sorry, meant raised B tuning or use capo on 7th fret.

  17. Freeandeasyforlife

    Dave Matthews***

  18. Marty, I think you're the best.

  19. What is the strumming pattern?

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