David Bowie – Heroes Guitar Lesson – Easy Guitar/Acoustic Chords

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In this quick Heroes guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play all the chords to this amazing song by the late great David Bowie.

“Heroes” is a great song for the beginner level guitarist because it uses only simple open position chords and strumming patterns.

Because of that, I make sure to explain each chord in detail within the video lesson so that the total beginner guitarist can follow along. I will also spend some time focusing on how to confidently strum “Heroes”, or any other strumming based song, without much thought. It is all about just keeping momentum going in the strumming hand and feeling the rhythm. That works much better than trying to analyze, count and memorize every upstroke and downstroke.

We will basically have two different chord progressions to cover in this Heroes guitar lesson. The first progression is for the verse and consists of only two chords with a slight embellishment thrown in there.

The second chord progression is more extensive but still keeps the chords simple. These two progressions move from one to the other throughout the entire song so the format of how it is all put together should be pretty easy to follow.

It is quite amazing how the track builds in intensity throughout. A lot of that is due to the vocal dynamics and layers of background instrumentation, but it is still cool to see what you can do with some simple chord progressions.

In this lesson I am just focusing on the chords. There are tons of layers going on including guitars and various other instruments or effects. But I wanted to give you the foundation of the song so that it would sound great with just one guitar.

Have fun with this one!



  1. Thank you for posting, one of my favorite songs

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  5. Carl, thank you for a most informative lesson, I've listened to as many acustic recordings as I can, I feel as if his guitar is not in standard tuning, half a tone down? Drop D? or is it my poor old ears. Thanks again, take care.

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