David Bowie – Starman – Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Drue James

Acoustic guitar lesson for Starman by David Bowie. Great song to work on your barre chords. Not for beginners.
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Keep on playing 🙂


  1. in french we say: courir après la musique lol but good to (quickly) learn that song.
    But for me in the verse, instead ok the C over G, I'd do a regular C then C7. For me it sounds much better to my ears.
    So the verse would be: Gminor—F—C—C7—F—G#—A#(Bb for the purist lol)…
    But in any case the chords are correct, you just stay on the C and don't playing the C7…
    Thank you!!!

  2. Too quick

  3. i thought it was just me who says the accords when i sing a song !!! lol
    there is a F maaaaaaaan, D minor in the sky!!!!
    L O L !

  4. "Get it on Rock-'n'-roll" I like it! Was it from some live version, or was you?

  5. Terrebliy rude

  6. please research the lyrics next time

  7. Marcos Garcia da Silva

    muito obrigado vc me ajudou com os acordes

  8. Morgan Braithwaite

    What’s the strumming patterning

  9. slow down lol RIP starman peace bro

  10. Love it! Thanks.

  11. Got a train to catch?

  12. dude, thank you so much for your work.

  13. from one teacher to another….you know what you are doing and you do it great!

  14. Tomi Di Marco Tutor

    Your t-shirt is so cool!!! Fan of peace

  15. This is dreadful…..!! The rhythm is all wrong….shockingly awful!

  16. Judit Terrats Cortiella

    Thank you very much. But it would be even better if you played the whole song slowly at the end of the lesson. 😉

  17. _charlie_mccallum_

    I love your singing❤❤

  18. Do you have a link so i can purchase the t shirt…?

  19. woah…ur going too fast in the intro XD

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