David Gray – How to play "Babylon" on Guitar

Learn to play “Babylon” on guitar from David Gray’s album ‘White Ladder.’

Listen to David Gray: https://DavidGray.lnk.to/playlistYD

Order White Ladder (20th Anniversary Edition) featuring the album full remastered including “This Year’s Love” and “Sail Away,” plus rare and unreleased songs and demos: https://DavidGray.lnk.to/wl20thYD

Learn how to play other songs from White Ladder: http://bit.ly/2uzrF3O

See David Gray on tour: https://www.davidgray.com/live

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  1. gayvid gray, the bent pianist

  2. Hey. it's the real David Gray. Thanks for your music and hard work.

  3. Just a rip off of " i want to make it with you"

  4. I am disabled, but I hope to make it to the Nashville gig! Thank you, David! I have listened to this song on repeat so many times over the years…

  5. This song is nothing short of a masterpiece.

  6. I forgot to say, the one with you in the alleyway haha

  7. Epic, you are awesome dude. Love the video to Please forgive me, your music really fills my heart with good memories. Thanks mate.

  8. This guy has such a great voice.

  9. This morning driving to work I heared you performing Babylon in the NPO2 Radio (Dutch) studio. It sounded so true and awesome. As I only just now with my 46 years of age decided to learn to play guitar, I hope I will someday manage to play it. Therefore herewith my gratitute that you, the artist himself, shares how to learn the song. Two thumbs up!!!

  10. More of these please David! Beautiful songs, and great to see how you actually play them. Thanks so much.

  11. Thanks David!

  12. Now is it about babble on as in talking nonsense or the Babylon Eu nightmare ?

  13. Fucking hell guitar is impossible. "Yeah just stick your finger on the g sharp shape and the ringing fangle chord." Yeah whatever Dave.

  14. Surely this legend deserves a knighthood for this!? Much gratitude David!! Thank you for your songs and for sharing them with us…

  15. Bravo young man! David Gray himself would be proud

  16. This kinda makes me want to take up learning the guitar – guess it's another thing to put on my to-do-list! Thank you Mr G for sharing your brilliant talent 🙂 I've been quietly following since lost songs "flame turns blue" being my chosen song to have on repeat <3

  17. Sorry david; I missed that bit at the end, can you do it again. Lol. Fab.

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