David Gray: Shine – Acoustic Guitar Lesson with Lyrics and Chords –

David Gray: Shine
Tuning: Open E: EBEG#BE
Intro: 12-10-9-7-5-14-2-4-5

1.(12)I can see it in your eyes what I know in my (10)heart is (12)true(10)(12). (12)That our love it has faded,like the (10)summer (9)run (2)through(4)(5). So we’ll (2)walk down the shoreline,one last time (12)together.Feel the (2)wind blow our wanderig hearts
like a (12)feather;but who (2)knows what is waiting in the wings of (12)time.Dry your (2)eyes,we gonna (C#m)go where (4)we can (5)shine(12)(10)(12)(10)(9)(10)(12).

2.(12)Don’t be hiding in sorrow,or clinging (10)to the (12)past(10)(12).With your beauty so precious and the (10) season (9)so (2) fast(4)(5). No (2)matter how cold the horizon ap(12)pears,or how (2)far the first night,when I held you (12)near. You gonna (2)rise from these ashes like a bird of (12)flame.Step (2)out of the shadow,
we’re gonna (C#m)go where (4)we can (5)shine!

Bridge: (12)Na-ne-na-ne-na-ne-na-(10)na-(9)ne-(B11)na. (B11)Na-ne-na-ne-na-ne-na-na-ne-(5) na. (12)Na-ne-na-ne-na-ne-na-(10)na- (9) ne-(B11)na. (B11)Na-ne-na-ne-na-ne-na-na-ne-(12) shine(10)(12)(10)(9)(7)(5)(14)(2)(4)(5).

3.(12)For all that we struggle, for all we (10)pre(9)tend(10)(12). (12)It don’t come down to nothing,except (14)love in the (2)end.(C#m)(12). And (14)ours is the road,that is strewn with good (12) byes. And (14)as it unfolds,as it all un(12)winds,remember your (2)soul is the one thing,you can’t compro(12)mise! Step out the shadow we’re goona (C#m)go, where (4)we can (5)shine! We’re goona (C#m)go, where (4)we can (5)shine! I said, we’re gona (C#m)go, where (4)we can (12)shine(10)(12)(10)(9)(10)(12)(10)(9)(7)(5)(14)(2)(4)(5)(12)(10)(12).
(12)Through the windows of midnight,(10)moonfoam and (9)silver.


  1. falscher Rhythmus mein Guter, aber Chords stimmen. Immer down ne Viertellänge, und dann ne Achtel up down up down.

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  3. Great video my friend – I love to sing David Gray!! Any chance of you posting a complete instrumental?

  4. I love this song! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!

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  6. Great help thank you!

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