Dead Man Neil Young Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Tab for more… This is an acoustic guitar lesson on Neil Young Dead Man for Jim Jarmusch Movie (film) dead man. I learnt this by ear but I am pretty sure it is fairly accurate. I found most other Video and tab out there to be incomplete or didn’t really explain what was going on so i have attempted to show you how to play the song. I have included the basic tab and provided some pointers on the rhythm. Hopefully you can figure out what is going on. Again this is just my interpretation of a great song. I hope this helps and please check out my site. No nasty comments please as its just plain rude. Many thanks and Enjoy!!
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  2. best teaching on this song!

  3. great instructions, but how am i supposed to strum the Bm in the third part

  4. Awesome video thank you

  5. yes u can

  6. epic tutorial

  7. Useful lesson! 
    May I ask what guitar you are playing? It sounds pretty damn good.

  8. Howdy, I was trying to get the tab from the link in description, but its an ad page.
    Could the Tab be re posted or a new link. Thanks in advance!

  9. You make that guitar sound so beautiful.

  10. Thanks!  

  11. Well played ! Thanks for the lesson !

  12. many thanks man!

  13. Gracias !!

  14. big thanx for this lesson … nice sweet wood 😀

  15. their just variations of D, mess around with your finger on the G string whilst doing a D if you know what i mean and youl find it, , it starts off with a regular D chord with your baby finger on the G string 3rd fret, then work down and youl have the progression.

  16. some places could have been explained a little better, but at least it got me started 😀

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