Deep River Blues – Traditional FINGERSTYLE Tune | Bluegrass Guitar Lesson with TAB

Popularized by Doc Watson, “Deep River Blues” is a great traditional fingerstyle song that will help increase your fingerpicking strength. You can play this tune with finger picks or without.

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  1. Big D Desert Dweller

    Man this lick is sweet!!! Can’t wait to get off work and learn it!

  2. I <3 u

  3. thanks for the tutorial!

  4. Wonderful video and demo. Thanks so much!

  5. Oh man didnt touch my guitar for 2 months but that tutorial made me pick it up again and practice. Thx dude appreciated a lot! Awesome Explaining, good speed to follow and i love right hand /left hand/tab camera, great stuff! I didnt want to use my middlefinger for the e at the jump to the a in the second part so i just make a big fat strum with my thumb over both sides, makes it a little bit muddy but powerful 😉

  6. great

  7. d0ntl00kbackinanger

    That 8th fret bend on the B string always gets me aaaarrrghhh!!! Great lesson tho thank you so much 🙂

  8. Jonathan Michelsohn

    Very nice tutorial. TY

  9. Second chord definitely diminished. But you pick well.

  10. Fantastic job you are doing you are a great help thanks heaps mate

  11. something im starting to learn is that it doesnt always have to be exact. If you can manipulate a few things an make it almost intoyour own thing its just as great. Awesome stuff. I like this video allot.

  12. Best doc song

  13. Second cord is actually

    Great job though!

  14. Wait a tick, I hear last steam engine train into there

  15. foulizz

  16. good video where can i see the rest of it?

  17. Moreee!!! Please moreee!!!!!!

  18. Teaches everything but the amazing ending and that made me sad. Great vid tho thank you!

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