Def Leppard – Rock of Ages – Rock Guitar Lessons – How to Play on Electric Guitar

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  1. can u make a video of how to make my vocal intro better lol

  2. can you do a tutorial on rock rock till you drop?

  3. Thank you sir,

  4. I don't like those telecaster style guitars.. they are too twangy.. and you can really hear it here.. Mostly used in country music by guys like Vince Gill and Waylon Jennings.. Get yourself a strat dude.

  5. broski, no disrespect , i have learned a lot of tunes from you, but this here is…….i must agree with people saying, "have you actually listened to the song"?

  6. marty love to jam with u some day you have been a lot of help to me after not playing for 20 years i have for got some thing thanks to your help it all came back to me thanks ps i lost all most lost all 1 of my ears cant here that well our of the lift ear they side i would never play again so i put the guitar down could not take it any more so i pick it up again had trouble seen you on here and played with you on some things stuff started come back to me thanks man im back to making my one stuff it has been hard but i will never let any one tell i cant any more if you wont to you over come thangs in life if you work at long enuff thanks for the help sammy ray kerr

  7. California hustle and Flow

    When you said the intro I was about to say "give it to me baby"

  8. damn, u almost taught me the whole song

  9. solo lesson please. i cant find one

  10. Can you do a def leppards foolin cause I want to learn all there songs

  11. amp settings? please

  12. Standard tuning?

  13. My friend Jaysin Voxx does a cover for this song. The Utube video is called "Def Leppard – Rock of Ages – Gridlock of Agesβ„’ – Carmageddon Tribute – by Jaysin & Ed K."

  14. Thank you very much. Best instructional videos on the net. Greetings πŸ™‚

  15. Honestly, I have to say I learn more in 30 seconds during his videos, then I do in any other instructional video

  16. Dude…….have you actually ever listened to this song….or seen a vid of them doing it?

    It's really not a power chord thing…..for the most part.!!! Plus can you work on that tone just a bit? πŸ™‚ Sorry…..but you fell short on this one!

  17. that demonic voice in the beggining freaked me out

  18. Really would like for you to teach Foolin. By far the easiest teacher to follow. Rock of ages is also awesome. Thanks Dude!

  19. Hi Marty

    Rock of Ages, very powerful song. You did good explaining it. I know everyone is trying to make money of this sort of thing. So, I was wondering what packages you have for an intermediate/advanced player? Rock On Always…

  20. please do the acoustic live version of Armageddon IT!

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