Delta Blues Guitar Lesson – Played Using Hybrid Picking Technique – Acoustic Blues Guitar – EP323

In this week’s acoustic blues guitar lesson, you’ll learn how to play a classic Robert Johnson style delta blues composition using the hybrid picking technique.

If you’d like to view the Part 2 video and download the tablature for this lesson, visit
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  1. Is that a 00-15 or a 000-15?

  2. I like the background Brain! It's much more pleasant to the eye! Love this lesson also by the way!

  3. I like the change up back ground…I also like that small accoustic. The RCA DOG is a collectors collectable…very cool a guitar play ..has one…

  4. Aaron Short Music

    Can you post a link to the light you use please? I have colored lights but they cause my camera to flicker so I need to find a different one. Thank you!

  5. Really great stuff Brian. I love looking forward to these every week. Good work

  6. Still have a dog in the background I see. Really like the new look.

  7. TerryNKaren Newcomb

    great look

  8. A new studio look is very becoming to your lessons. Love it.

  9. Adhammo de pammo

    I love the new background! It gives your invredible lessons a more modern look

  10. Love the new backdrop. It looks great. As for the lesson, it's spot on for those of us who enjoy the Delta Blues, whether using a pick, or straight up fingerstyle. I play stictly fingestlyle, but like you point out, it doesn't matter. Thank you for all you do, which is a lot. Much appreciated!

  11. That's A Great looking Space for Music Good lesson Hope you have A Great Week !!!!

  12. great tune and love the new studio….well deserved…..

  13. Backdrop is just great!

  14. Love the new set! Is that the Victrola dog behind you? And is that a Sansui 8080 next to him? I have one I was going to sell with my 1000+ LP's but now I'm inspired to keep them and set it up in my music room like you.

  15. Damn nice one! !

  16. I really like it… 5* extra 🙂

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