DEMO | how to play “It’s Only Love” on guitar by Bryan Adams | electric guitar lesson

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For more information on this lesson go here:–rhythm-and-solo.html

An electric guitar lesson on how to play “It’s Only Love” by Bryan Adams from the 1984 album Reckless.



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  1. Shutup & Play - guitar tutorials

    For more information on this lesson go here:–rhythm-and-solo.html

  2. My friend how can I get your rhythm tracks?

  3. Dude, U Nailed the tone. Your attention to detail is why i come back. Who knew a Les Paul could be so versatile. Do you use coil splitting?

  4. Awesome playing! Love your touch, tone and vibrato. Is it possible to get or buy the backing track you're playing over?

  5. your vibrato talent makes me feel funny in my pants.good stuff inspire me.thanks

  6. This is just amazing Andy.  Your playing is great and your teaching methods are top notch.  To me the best part of this video however is discovering the monster licks of Keith Scott. I guess with Bryan Adams songs its easy to get caught up in the rhythm and catchy hooks and not focus so much on what Keith was playing – this is crazy good.

  7. what happened to your going to california lesson? I cant find it anymore

  8. WOW! What more can i say

  9. Awesome!!

  10. When I watch you play, I realize just how sad & lifeless my vibrato is…

  11. Man…you are good.

  12. Great Channel..Great Job!!

  13. This is got to be one of your best videos yet. The clarity of your playing is awesome as is your tone.

  14. Great chord progression, solo, and licks, made better by your expert lesson. Thank you

  15. Great sound.

  16. David Brinkhurst

    Amazing ! thanks for that 😉

  17. So cool but l can play like that

  18. best tutorials mate! I'd be very happy if you could do a tutorial of Sultans Of Swing cover by Andrea Valeri, all the best!

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