Demons – Imagine Dragons | Guitar Tutorial (Lesson) + Melody

Demons - Imagine Dragons | Guitar Tutorial (Lesson) + Melody

Demons by Imagine Dragons Guitar Lesson (Tutorial). This tutorial has easy chords and capo is used on 2nd fret (Standard Tuning). Have fun playing this song!
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  1. Great man could you play a thousand years or let her Go

  2. Thank you!

  3. but how to play the interlude. plz tell us

  4. i am spanish that i learn thanks !

  5. Young blood by bea miller pleaseee!!!

  6. Aldrin Fontanilla

    This is great… I really love your tutorials.. You should teach fingerstyle!!

  7. Cảnh Hoài Nguyễn

    Brilliant, thank you really much <3 (y)

  8. Could you do funny by Tori Kelly please?

  9. Tabs?:)

  10. whosyosdaddy diaz

    First of all I cannot thank you enough for making this tutorial THANK YOU and YOU ARE GREAT AT GUITAR KEEP IT GOING 

  11. really good lesson is there a song you cant play? thanx cool song to learn to play in guitar

  12. your a super awsome guitar player, mmm I have  recuest but i dont know if you could do it, because its not song that many people would like to hear, it callled Grow Up Girl by Becky G. Ive recuest this song to other guitar sites and they jus wount, pls I beg you to do a tutorial of it!!!

  13. thanks for you update

  14. Can you please do check yes juliet by we the kings?

  15. your tutorials are amazing, could you please look up the cimorelli "hearts on fire" mixtape and do a song from there? you can get it free from or you can just look it up on youtube

  16. 'Sergey Lyamkin (ASerJ17)

    Im bad in english but your lessons help me! Thanks!

  17. Thanks!!! Could you do Release or All for you by Imagine Dragons?

  18. HVee “HiLarry V” Mashups

    Your tuts are so great!! Can you please do Friends by Ed Sheeran?

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