Desolate Ways – Morbid Angel [Acoustic Guitar Lesson/Cover with Tab/Score]

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  1. Killer bro!!!!

  2. Where is the echo coming from

  3. Freediant rivillas garcia

    Amazing work , you have the tabs?please

  4. hell yeah! 100% correct.

  5. Your tone, reverb setting and attacks are dead on to the original. Good ear man.

  6. Thor Underdunk Caballerial


  7. Just..perfect.

  8. Luís Maciel Costa

    Nice! Unfortunately that link to the TAB/Score goes to a clothing shop. How can I get the score?

  9. this whole musical piece sounds so lovely and beautiful, only in the end there are these last 'morbid or dark notes', the ending notes, but really the whole piece is very romantic and lovely! STILL LOVE IT !

  10. God damn

  11. Wow, great work!

  12. Андрюшка Бочаров

    Охереть каа круто!

  13. What effect are you running through, it makes that Cmaj chord ring out nicely

  14. comete muchos errores de tiempo…

  15. zachary schaffino

    so much love in this band. thanks man did a great job. been trying to play it myself.

  16. Well done! ,,/

  17. Damn perfect….

  18. Flawless

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