Despacito – COMPLETE Guitar Tutorial (NO CAPO / WITH CAPO / INTRO MELODY) Luis Fonsi

Throughout the video I mention our eBooks (which are free for subscribers). Between both eBooks, we cover all the basics of rhythm AND lead guitar, so check them out if you need any extra help with the chord shapes or the hammer-ons/pull-offs/slides from the intro. Here’s the link –

1:35 – NO CAPO (chords & strumming)
8:27 – CAPO 2nd FRET (chords & strumming)
13:19 – Intro lick

Hi everyone! In this lesson we’re going to show you all how to play “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi, featuring Daddy Yankee (and Justin Bieber on the remix). Aside from the intro this is a fairly simple tune (just the same 4 chords over and over). The rhythm can be a bit tricky, but we have an easier strumming pattern for those of you who are still working on beginner rhythms.

We’re breaking this lesson down into 3 main parts: chords & strumming WITHOUT a capo, then WITH the capo, and finally the intro melody/lick.

The “no capo” version uses 1 barre chord (Bm) and 3 open chords (D, G, A). If you need help with the Bm chord, I have a mini-series covering barre chord basics, which you can find here:

Then we show you how to play it using a capo at the 2nd fret. The chords for this version are: Am, F, C, G. For the F chord, which is usually a barre chord, we show you a simple fingering that gives you a full-sounding chord without the barre.

The strumming pattern that I feel best suits this song is somewhat complicated. We spend lots of time breaking it down, bit-by-bit, to make sure you can figure it out.. but if you’re still having trouble, we show you a simpler one (which can also be found in our eBook for rhythm guitar).

Finally, we show you the intro lick and give some tips on how to best practice it. The best advice though, is to take it REALLY REALLY slowly, and work it out at your own pace.

Hope you enjoy the lesson and I’ll see you next week!

Despacito – Luis Fonsi


  1. Hey everyone, hope you're enjoying this tutorial! I'm happy to say (thanks to my wife) that this video now has SPANISH SUBTITLES!

  2. I'm new I haven't even got my guitar yet but ive seen there is like different tunes for your guitar what is yours?

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  6. I'm bad at guitar that is why I'm her because I want to now something because I have a guitar but I don't now how to use it will thank for the tutorial…

  7. amazing…

  8. Great job bro but help me how to play songs with fingerstyle

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    will it sound the same if u use nylon strings instead of steel. also btw very helpful. please contact me back asap

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    Could you please do also the Intro of the song Yellow.

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