Dethklok – Thunderhorse – Electric Guitar Lesson by Mike Gross

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This is a guitar lesson on how to play Thunderhorse” by “Dethklok” taught & instructed by professional guitar instructor Mike Gross from and…I am available for studio session work and touring…­­­­­­­­ Feel free to subscribe to my channel,request songs,ask questions from a pro teacher that really WANTS to help you.Be sure to watch for my official website coming in 2014 and become a “Premium Member” ..We also offer vocal lessons!!…….our youtube channel has free vocal-bass-keyboard and drum lessons
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  1. Yeah, I busted a nut hearing that rift…

  2. Please show a tutorial how to play "From a Hadron Machinist" by Alkaloid

  3. You need to do a lesson on Mermaider by them

  4. play fist to face

  5. Shameless Savage Sinner

    I thought you were into 80s

  6. You are awesome man love this guitar lesson and the korn blind lesson it was great!

  7. Great lesson!! Amazing playing Mike but, can you do a lesson on the full song? There's other badass riffs to this song id love to learn! Thanks

  8. Is that standard tuning? Help please

  9. Hey Mike thanks your awesome nd Iv asked a few guys to teach this song but could you do I ejaculate fire that would be great man 

  10. mike could you please do Skyhunter by Dethklok?

  11. 69th comment ;P

  12. Hey Mike! Would it be possible to do the solo in Father, You're Not A Father by Immolation? It's just I was thinking of doing it for my music exam and can't find any tabs for the solo 🙁  

  13. Hey man, 
    thanks for this, really helped a lot. 
    Keep it up. 

  14. Thanks for showing all of the bridge parts, but somehow excluded the main rhythm riff, and the few variations it does.

  15. can you do dethklok-blazing star or skyhunter

  16. can u plesae do crush my battle opponents balls

  17. Hey Mike great video can you do the rest of the song and can you also do one for c standard tuning?

  18. Hey Mike great video can you do the rest of the song and can you also do a video for c standard tuning?

  19. спасибо за урок)

  20. Hablas mucho y enseñas poco

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