Devon Bradshaw Reggae Bass tips

Devon ‘ Pattyhead’ Bradshaw, veteran Reggae Bass master from Portland, Jamaica. He toured with Burning Spear throughout the 80’s and in the 90’s his band Axx of Jahpostles toured with Garnett Silk, Capelton, Sanchez and many more Reggae artists.
Devon provides great tips on how to get great tone and he shows off a few cool techniques. Not just for bass players. This clip is for all lovers of music, 7mins
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  1. ReggaeintheRuff

    Check out Devon's " Reggae bass Tips 2 " to learn about playing slightly in front or behind the beat.

  2. I loved every single bit of this video haha these guys are just doing what they love aye I had a smile on my face watching u guys jamming

  3. Raffael Bechara Rameh

    I loved this video and i did spread it through my band friends

  4. The bass volume is so low.buh dope

  5. negrinho alsina tuga


  6. show de bola, muito bom, obrigadooooo!O batera toca com muito sentimento também.

  7. Hey man, loved your warm , friendly vibe even before ya played a note. We wanna come and record our songs at your place.. how much for a week of this.. I will email you.. sweetaz

  8. Tajay Matthias

    What songs were played ? The are Groovy

  9. William Kaloczy

    You can actually apply what he said in this vid to all different kinds of music. The most affective bass lines are the one with space in them. It's not how many notes you play, but what notes you play and how you play them! Great stuff, drummer is great too!

  10. Clayton Mcminn

    What? You cant even hear the bass… and he isn't teaching any music… ?

  11. The bass line rules when it comes to reggae ! May 2019

  12. Sorry but this sounds like a drum lesson

  13. Big finger smashed the like button!

  14. bassy eugene keys what up send ur info email me

  15. Cant hear the bass just the drums. What a shame.

  16. Bless!

  17. Victor Castillo


  18. Antarach Desert Wolf

    Its the sweet spot

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