Die a Happy Man – Thomas Rhett – Guitar Lesson

Die a Happy Man – Thomas Rhett – Guitar Lesson


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  1. Dustin Hunt (d. hunt)

    Great lesson. Teach Preaching the End of the World by Chris Cornell

  2. just so you know from reviewing the music vid, the first part seems to be 0 2 4 on the 3rd string down then pluck both 2nd fret on 4th string down and 3rd fret on 5th string down. slap, then pluck them again and hammer on from 2nd to 4th fret on the 4th string down. slap.

  3. Yuosmunea HENG

    I can't play that:(

  4. Andrew Carlton

    how do you finger the b minor?

  5. I'm just gonna die

  6. Is he in standard tune?

  7. In the pre chorus why do we need to play the Em if we're only hitting the E G and B strings?

  8. This lesson was freakin unbelievable.Amazing job, easy to follow, easy to see your positioning, easy to get the rhythm. 11/10 job. You earned yourself a Sub and a Like.

  9. dude chill out , you teach wayyy tooo fast yo calm down

  10. JustAnotherGamer

    amazing. thanks man

  11. Tessa Gustafson

    what kind of guitar do you have?

  12. Good on ya! Great instructions, and good fun playing this. Much appreciated.

  13. Ekalahikiola Lum

    thanx for the awesome lesson it only took me a day to master this song with your lesson

  14. Great lesson thank you very much

  15. I wish you would of played the song all the way through after teaching it.

  16. Amazing but Idk where to sing like

  17. Heyy, could you do a tutorial for Fix by Chris Lane? Thanks in advance. This was a great video!

  18. you do realize that in the pre chorus the E minor your not even plucking the strings your holding down… Is it not completely useless to place your fingers there? Why call it an e minor if your not gonna pluck those strings?

  19. Joedy Morrisseau

    how do u do the bm

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