Dimebag Darrell Pantera style lead soloing electric guitar lesson fast groove metal

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  1. ahuevo

  2. i am so glad i found this channell watched 2 videos and allready have learned alot

  3. holy shit i was like "damn i wonder if the guitarist of bleeding through has anything up on guitar lessons"….then i realized he IS the guitarist of bleeding through lol

  4. dim does more legato less alternate picking

  5. that is awesome!i cant thank you enough!it makes sense now after all the practice! great lesson!

  6. I know he didn't just say Mr. Diamond Darryl, he did, he did say Fucking Diamond Darryl


    R.i.p. Dimebag

  8. so glad i got to play with bleeding through on there farewell tour

  9. These lessons are really good. They just make sense and they're not overly complicated which I like. Sometimes I just want to see the phrasing, etc, instead of all the theory, etc,. This is great stuff!! Thanks so much..

  10. I recently learned the domination solo this explains what's happening in it thank you lol bleeding through kicks ass

  11. Ricotoffen Trollarch

    Great job on omitting guitar faces…hard to do lol…good bid though thanks bro

  12. Damien Elite Solo-6…….single cut (obviously)……I think

  13. I think that Paul Gilbert taught that same ascending E-minor run in Intense Rock Sequences and Techniques. Is that where you got it?

  14. its a schecter, i forget the model

  15. Mattakusisgreatness


  16. also isn't he straight edge? i mean i ain't straight edge haha but i mean maybe its awkward for him to say it?

  17. Nicolas Rodriguez

    I cant sweep pick :c

  18. Grimwatchesoveryou

    i would like to drop by and say thank you for giving these free lessons of yours letting the world learn w/o expecting anything in return .. i love you guys!

  19. Good attempt but dimebag was known more for his unique assends and decents and hisvamazing flow from melodic to aggressive from hammer on & pull offs to shred picking its very hard to grasp but good attempt

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