Dirty Heads – Lay Me Down feat. Rome of Sublime w/ Rome – acoustic guitar lesson

Dirty Heads - Lay Me Down feat. Rome of Sublime w/ Rome - acoustic guitar lesson

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  1. Benjamin Gillmore

    I just subscribed and im interested in getting your e-book

  2. My friend sent me this link to show me the guy who copied my "if pigeons played guitar, it would look like this" move. I had to let him know it's the other way around – that I learned this from Marty (or Dr Schwartz as he's called in my home) and to never joke about that again. Also, glad you posted this song. The more people play it, the warmer winter becomes.

  3. one of the best teachers I've ever came across

  4. Please do more dirtyheads!!!

  5. I would love a lesson for sloths revenge and or sails to the wind by dirty heads

  6. is there any other chords you could possibly use cause I'm just awful at bar chords

  7. could you do " Stand tall" by dirty heads

  8. can you cover sloths revenge or garland?

  9. You are amazing Marty!!

  10. ThatPlaceWhereStuffis

    Awesome vid. Thanks for the lighting so I could see the frets easily.

  11. Thank you for this Marty & I signed up for the e book. Your tutorial was easy to understand I truly appreciate you! Keep it up!

  12. marty almost looks bored with how simple it is lol

  13. Yo Marty looks stoned

  14. Cameron Babcock

    It'd be nice if you listed the chords in the description.. maybe next time.

  15. I always pause this when youre making the funniest faces. Its great rofl

  16. Crimson†Krypt

    Man you make learning guitar fun. Signing up for the Ebook now.

  17. You look like a mix between my arabian friend and the chicken surfer from surfs up.

  18. Marty* sorry typo

  19. Dude Matt I love your lessons so don't take this the wrong way but not the lay me down I was looking for I was looking for the lay me down by priestess lol rock on tho brotha man

  20. Hey Marty, what's the strum pattern? 

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