Disarm Guitar Lesson – The Smashing Pumpkins

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In this Disarm guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play all the chords to this acoustic hit by The Smashing Pumpkins off of their Siamese Dream album.

“Disarm” is a great song for the beginner level guitarist to try. It requires just simple open position chords throughout. There is only one chord that might give you trouble, and that is the chord that requires you to use you thumb to play a bass note on the low E string.

If you aren’t very familiar with you open position chords yet, be sure to check out the beginner lessons section here at GL365. There are videos and chord charts for all of the basic open chords found in “Disarm”.

One thing you will want to focus on is the rhythm patterns being played by Billy Corgan. For a lot of the first half of the song he will be playing an 8th note rhythm with mostly downstrokes. We doing some of the chord changes he does a quick 16th note burst before returning to the 8th rhythm.

I will demonstrate the rhythm patterns in-depth within the video lesson since I think it is very valuable to the beginner level guitarist to know.

But even if you aren’t a beginner, be sure to check out this great song from The Smashing Pumpkins. You will probably learn it in just a few minutes.

Have fun everyone! #disarmguitarlesson #thesmashingpumpkins #guitarcovers

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  1. David guitar madman

    Great lesson thanks Carl

  2. Disarm live solo pls. Pretty please

  3. Omg amazing! Im going to go get my guitar out and practice this asap.

  4. This is the best Disarm tutorial I've found but I have a question. Does the amount of bars you stay on the C during the chorus differ between the 2 choruses? I'm sure there's a bigger gap between vocal lines in the first chorus which I equate to stay longer on the C.

  5. Subbed! You have the most thorough lessons on YouTube!

  6. Thankyou so much. I am a total beginner who only started about 10 days ago and so far just have a handful of chords that I have been cycling through at random to get used to them. Now I have this great song that uses the chords I already have (with a few tweaks here and there) so I can practice chord progressions while actually producing a recognisable song (well that's my aim 🙂 ) I am one of those people that needs regular milestones, no matter how basic, then build upwards on each so this is perfect.


  8. goooooodddd


    As always great lesson Carl. Could you please do Notion by Kings of Leon. Thanks.

  10. Carl isnt that a D/F#? 4:09

  11. Please do 'Here is no why' by the Smashing Pumpkins 🙂

  12. Justice for all (the song)by Metallica please

  13. carl, where can u request videos? 🙂

  14. Achilles Last Stand

  15. Thank you!

  16. Thanks for the lessons! Could you do a lesson of Beautiful Mourning by Machine Head?

  17. great , thank you

  18. Carl Brown I am dying to learn Phantom Lord by Metallica It would be so helpful to see you post a rhythm lesson thanks man

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