Do I Wanna Know? Guitar Lesson – Arctic Monkeys

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In this guitar lesson video, I will break down the Arctic Monkeys’ smash hit “Do I Wanna Know?” in it’s entirety.

This Do I Wanna Know guitar lesson is a fun one because it is completely riff driven. There aren’t any chords to deal with at all, just single note guitar riffs throughout.

I think “Do I Wanna Know?” is a great song to learn for the beginning guitarist because these single note riffs will help develop coordination and rhythm skills without the burden of playing chords.

The riffs are very repetitive but can be a little bit confusing since they are all pretty similar. So I think it is essential that you be very familiar with the original recording before attempting the learn the song on the guitar. If you do this, you ear will guide you through the riffs a lot easier, allowing you to focus on the music and not the numbers of the frets.

Pay especially close attention to the verse and chorus riffs. They are almost identical except for one very small part. That part can be easy to miss so I make sure that I cover it in the video lesson thoroughly.

All-in-all, this is a great riff driven guitar song that has a lot of interesting things about it. It certainly isn’t your standard big rock song. However, the catchy riffs are pretty much singable after only a couple of listens and that says a lot about the song writing prowess of the Arctic Monkeys. Enjoy!



  1. What's your gear setup for this lesson. Your sound is dirty man

  2. 2:50 / 3:30 / 5:18
    reihenfolge des spielens: 7:11 (davor: verse, verse, pre-chorus, pre chorus, chorus (2-teiler)

  3. yordan stefanus

    what effect to play this?

  4. who here thinks yousician sucks?

  5. What kind of pedals are you using

  6. this is by far the best lesson on here and really helped me to learn how to hammer quickly

  7. good video all around you kinda got ahead of yourself though on some parts and it was hard to understand you, but all around great vid.

  8. My low E string rattles a lot (open,and when playing notes) and it throws me off during songs and ruins the entire song. Is there anything I can do about it? I always make sure it's in good tuning and tried to see if that rod or whatever needs to be adjusted but I don't think it does

  9. I guess I'm considered a novice but I think i can play this

  10. thx this helped

  11. The best lessons on youtube

  12. what settings did you put on the amp? i have a Monoprice amp…and I'm not really all that great with using the knobs yet.

  13. excelent tutorials man! thanks

  14. Lora Kaganovsky

    this was so awesome i actually understood evrything

  15. Great lesson 🙂 would love to see you do more Arctic Monkeys lessons, especially songs from the first three albums!

  16. Best Rock lessons Channel!

  17. Please do Arabella also by Arctic Monkeys

  18. Great tutorial man just wanted to say thanks for taking the the time to do tutorials for us
    Your one of the best guitar teachers on youtube in my opinion. Keep up the work!

  19. Can you do sound of madness by shinedown i cant find many good tutorials on it.

  20. Please can you do chop suey or fame

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