Down In A Hole Unplugged Guitar Lesson – Alice in Chains

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In this lesson we are going to take an in depth look at how to play the unplugged version of “Down In A Hole” by Alice In Chains.

This stripped down version of this great 90’s hard rock classic, is simple yet very effective.

In this Down In A Hole unplugged guitar lesson I will show you a nice version to play of this great song that works well on just one acoustic guitar.

On the original live recording, Alice In Chains had a second guitarist helping them fill out the more intimate acoustic setting, but you won’t need him here!

The intro is based around 3 simple chords and is the only time in the song that guitarist Jerry Cantrell uses fingerpicking to create the melodic material within those chords.

As the band comes in we continue to play the same three chords in a arpeggiated picking style. The picking here is pretty random so it is more about recreating the sound and the style instead of learning everything note-for-note.

The chorus gets a little bit more adventurous using a melody over drone a note-for-note, arpeggio picking and power chords.

This song doesn’t use and barre chords and includes a few different simple techniques. Because of this I think it would be a great study for the beginning guitarist. There is nothing here that will challenge you very much. All around a great song that is very accessible.

Have fun!

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  1. That progression is so overused,but cantrell and a.i.c made it sound fresh and new.
    And inthinknthat Am without index is an Asus..

  2. Rafael Silveira

    You should do a vídeo.. how to play "your decision" by alice chains.. include guitar solo… please !!

  3. dude….your tutorials are THE BEST……THANKS MAN YOU ROCK

  4. Great lesson, thank you!

  5. Great lesson as always, BUT you shoul've warned that the very last chord of the song is an A, instead of an Am.

  6. joaquin lios #theofficebatman

    Great lesson man! Thank you!

  7. Non Status Bad Ass

    Very awesome lesson. Thank you !!

  8. Where is the electric guitar lesson for this please ?

  9. Can you do Junkhead by Alice in Chains w Solo. Seen a couple of tutorial videos on YouTube but I'm not sure if they are correct. I know you always do it right. You're my go to. LOL

  10. Kingfish Stevens

    Hey Carl, I know this is primarily an acoustic lesson, but do you know what doubling effect Jerry uses on that little lead starting at bar 7 or so? I used a harmonic 4th and turned the level down, but it's a bit dodgy sounding. Thanks! Great lesson.

  11. Well done! Think I know how to play and I don't have a guitar on hand at the moment!

  12. Badass man I'm learning this now

  13. You're not tune on 440HZ.

  14. RIP Billy Conforto

  15. Any song I want to learn, There’s Carl Brown, hooking me up.

  16. very well done

  17. Kimberly J. Sullivan


  18. How close is this to the original electric version?

  19. What time is this in ?

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