Down Under Guitar Lesson – Men At Work

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In this Down Under guitar lesson, I will show you how to play this catchy hit by Men At Work.

We will be using standard tuning for this lesson, just like the original recording.

For most of the song, you will hear multiple guitars playing at the same time. I will show you how to play those parts but also demonstrate a good way to play the song with just one guitarist.

The intro starts about with some major and minor chords voiced across strings 1-4. These chords have a very fun rhythm to play.

The verse section requires some pretty accurate alternate picking since you have to go from a quirky little picked riff into full chords pretty quickly. But once you lock into the rhythm, it is very fun to play.

The chorus is a little more laid back rhythmically but the chords still change pretty rapidly.

In any case, I hope you guys enjoy learning this 80’s classic! #downunderguitarlesson #menatwork #guitarcovers

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  1. Great job on this video!!! Can u do a lesson on down by the sea by men at work?

  2. thanks a lot


  4. Needs a strymon deco

  5. Would it be possible to do 'Dr Heckyll and Mr Jive', it is a really good song. I really love Men at Work!!! Keep going on that's awesome.

  6. Grea work it sounds great.

  7. Could you please do "I was only 19"Thanks man

  8. Stone the crow please.

  9. Carl how about King of New Orleans by BTE… a tutorial on that hasn't been made yet. Thanks.

  10. WOW! nice Carl..

  11. great lessons, thanks!

  12. 2:32 What sort of A major shape is that? Never heard of that

  13. What FX are being used ? I have a strat with Fender amp and its not sounding nearly like this, I do have a GR55 and was wondering if I could edit or use an existing model to make it sound like this..

  14. The Musical Blaze

    I love this song thank You!!!

  15. Fantastic lesson, thank you
    Can I request a song?
    Billy Ocean "Loverboy" solo

  16. what pickup are you using? bridge?

  17. Hey Carl, could you do some Mastodon please? cough Blood and Thunder cough and keep up the good work man 🙂

  18. Do the whole rust in peace album you already did the first two songs so might as well

  19. loved it ! Could you please do Great Southern Land by Icehouse another Aussie 80's classic, Cheers !

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