Dream On Guitar Lesson – Aerosmith – Famous Riffs

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In this famous riff lesson we get to take a look at the opening riff to “Dream On” by Aerosmith.

This riff is probably best played using hybrid picking. If you have never really used hybrid picking before this Dream On guitar lesson could be a good starting point for you. The hybrid picking is actually very consistent and I think the easiest way to play this riff.

The chord forms used in this intro riff can be a little bit awkward. They include some pretty large stretches at one point and it is best to just take your time with this section of the riff.

Besides the intro riff I also teach you the little guitar fill that happens right before the verse. This little guitar lick is quite fun to play and moves around quite a bit. However this little guitar fill does have a lot of consistent techniques in it that are used over and over. It it has two main licks that are sequenced up and down the scale repeatedly.

So I would put this lesson at an intermediate level due to the fact that we use hybrid picking and have some pretty decent chord stretches with some bigger jumps as well as the guitar fill at the end.

Take your time with all this stuff and try to break it down into little parts. These chord voicings that Joe Perry and Brad Whitford are using could also perhaps inspire your own chord work that uses those voicings.

Whenever I learn a riff I like to take some of the more unique elements about it and expand upon them and try to create my own thing in that style. You will learn a lot more from the riff that way and eventually be able to take things like this and make them your own.

Okay to the video! Carl…


  1. it would be awesome if u did kings and queens

  2. i'm so happy when i want to learn a new song and you are in first page ^^.

  3. I found that finger picking it was easier but it didn't give out the right sound. Hybrid picking is probably for the best.

  4. Great tutorial

  5. Frank Pentimone

    fuck yeah man! you must have pitch perfect hearing.

  6. Best tutorial videos on youtube. Thanks my man

  7. Thanks alot mite.

  8. you should try to do cryin by aerosmith

  9. drogons cool779

    thank you I finily got the song right thank you god bless you

  10. Adriano Marson

    So cool!!!! thanks bro!!!!

  11. Shane Neil Stocker

    nice job Mr Brown.  7/10 for ur explaination.  10/10 for ur playing

  12. someone please name those chords.!! please

  13. i learned to play this intro in the time of a few hours and this video and it was really helpful and i am going to watch more of your videos

  14. 6:57 wait for the conspiracies to roll in.

  15. Alphall Productions

    Sucks trying to play without fingernails, on top of that fact I have small hands so it's harder to reach the frets.
    I'm like a crippled person compared to this guy…

  16. Thanks!

  17. Allison Chandra

    Great lesson as usual Carl.  Thanks for posting!!

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