Drive Guitar Lesson – Full Song – R.E.M.

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In this Drive guitar lesson video you will learn R.E.M.’s acoustic hit note-for-note in it’s entirety.

Drive was the lead off single and first track on R.E.M.’s 1992 album Automatic For The People.

Drive is quite simple in it’s layout and won’t provide very many challenges despite what your playing level may be.

I start off this Drive guitar lesson by taking a look at the little arpeggiated picking sequence that is played throughout most of the song.

This arpeggiated picking lick that revolves around a D minor chord is probably the trickiest part of the entire song, but if you break it down you will find it quite simple to play.

From there I will demonstrate all the chord progressions as well as the guitar solo.

The guitar solo is very straightforward and shouldn’t present any difficulties whatsoever.

In this Drive guitar lesson I will break the solo down so you will be able to see just how repetitive and simple it is.

Drive is one of R.E.M.’s biggest hits so be sure to take your time with this lesson so you can give the song the treatment it deserves. 🙂

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  1. MrJoelalcasey1971

    This is the only lesson of this song on YouTube which is right, all the other lessons I've seen on YouTube are wrong and they do the first little bit of the riff and think they are guitar teachers, I learned this a few years ago, but I've come back to refresh my memory. Cheers

  2. Tony Todorovski

    nice job, greetings

  3. Thank you so much. I've always loved this song but thought I could never play it. Your video taught me how to play it. Thanks again.

  4. This is bad ass dude, you make it easy! Have you done try not to breath?

  5. very nice lesson

  6. Loved, Just i'm Just need a guitar hahahah

  7. Great! Thanks!

  8. بنك المعرفة

    thanks à lot man il really learned à lot from you. you re à very good guitarist and teacher

  9. Great video!!

  10. Another easy to understand video..that's what make a great instructor…..thanks

  11. Henkjan Steringa

    Why do you life your pinky at 2:25? it confused me.

  12. Awesome!

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