Driving Electric Blues Rhythm Guitar Lesson – Key of E: EP021

Visit http://www.activemelody.com to download the tablature for this lesson. This is a driving blues rhythm guitar lesson that works well on either an electric guitar or an acoustic guitar. This guitar lesson was designed to teach a more interesting way to play a blues rhythm.
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  1. Hey AM you must be among the top 5 yt guitar teachers love your lessons .

  2. Great lesson keep up the good work and ignore the complainers out there this is one of the best youtube series of lessons out there.

  3. Your lessons are very clear and easy to get it! Thx man

  4. Those pants.

    Great lesson.

  5. Love your lessons!!! I am getting back into playing after 35 years. Picking it up rather fast. I really like your rhythm/rock guitar videos. Love the thoroughness of the lessons, I really like how you do a step by step. I will spend 1/2 hour learning it, and the rest of my life playing it. Many thanks for helping me restore the joy of playing!

  6. Another excellent vid Brian.

  7. Great fun playing this, surprisingly easy to learn, Thanks

  8. A fun way to learn, thanks 🙂

  9. great lesson you have really brought my playing on thank you

  10. Remarkable lesson. Thanks so much. I am a drummer who is becoming a guitar player. Your lessons are among the best on the net. Great job!!!!!

  11. Great lessons clear and easy to follow .

  12. This guy is so darn good!!! Thanks for another incredible lesson…

  13. Well said sir!!

  14. very well explained as always !!! Thanks Brian.

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  17. fahad abdulkareem

    I was never a blues fan and was never in my mind that I will strt playing it but then I enterd your channel and you made me change my mind very fun and easy lessons you give thank you very much 🙂

  18. Fantastic and I really like it thanks so much

  19. Thomas, I'm not going to call you an arsehole, but it may be that Brian's lessons aren't meant for you if you don't like the degree of detail he provides. Most of us love that about Brian.

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