Drop D Tuning – Acoustic Blues Guitar Lesson – EP354

In this week’s guitar lesson, you’ll learn how to play a dark blues in the key of D (using Drop D tuning). This is a stand-alone composition, no jam track is required.

If you’d like to learn the intro part, download the tab PDF, and access the interactive tab viewer for this lesson, visit https://www.activemelody.com/lesson/drop-d-blues-acoustic-solo-blues-in-drop-d-tuning-blues-guitar-lesson-ep354/


  1. Love this one. Thank you

  2. knocked it out of the park again !

  3. Top stuff. Thanks.

  4. Never a bad boring lesson Brian.

  5. I hear Travis Tritt music all the way thru this lesson.

  6. Stop cutting out the good bits. If we had money for lessons I’d be getting lessons!

  7. UnderdogARTwarrior


  8. Dark and swampy………that's Drop D. Before I opened this video, I was messing around in Drop D last night….

  9. Douglas Christine

    Great lesson Brian. Do you know they had this article about the ten top you tube guitar lesson teachers and you weren't the first or on there at all, I was hurt. They had some guys that I'd rather not say but your the best and we all know that.

  10. Love it! Great stuff!

  11. My word this sounds proper dirty blues. Love it!! This will be my first ever drop d song I will learn. Thanks again!

  12. Crack King Crack Wizard

    Very nice! My favourite lesson for a while. I'm starting to record my progress on video each song I learn. Is there a place on your website to post them and get feedback? Check my YouTube videos…

  13. CCR inspired…….

  14. Why a thumb down? This is great. It's a nice transition. I have been playing much Delta Blues but a cool and awesome dynamic. Drop D changes everything. Bluesy as hell. If you sign up for his lessons, it will take your playing to higher levels with an "s"!

  15. I've never played around much with Drop D, but this has me going straight to the guitar and try. The Martin was a great choice too… sounds amazing that one. But then, what Martin doesn't?

  16. Fat goodness

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