Drop D Tuning Guitar Lesson – hard rock and heavy metal guitar lessons

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  1. Bullshit Detector

    Thanks man!

  2. Nice! I love metal and bands like Lamb of God play all their music in Drop D so definitely need to put at least one guitar in Drop D mode! Is the process the same for Drop E flat and C Sharp drop tunings?

  3. ur a jew

  4. Cool dude. I'm gonna show this to my nephew, he'll love it. Thanks a million.

  5. Yes yes do lay into the b5 don't be afraid children

  6. You are the Man Marty!

  7. my BC RICH's sound great in drop B, and D tune….and thats all they do.

  8. How do I tune my guitar in drop poo?

  9. Hey do i need to adjust something to tune on drop D?

  10. I mean all he's doing is demonstrating what you can do in Drop D with a metal feel to it (Since rock and metal came from blues). I have no idea why people are being assholes about his video, why are you on a drop tuning tutorial video if you're here to learn something different or to hate on him for doing just that?

  11. that "intro" sounds a lot like "larks' tongue in aspic" by King Crimson (about 3:44 in)

  12. I found you in 2010 and I've cone back to show friends your vids! thanks for your contribution to society man!

  13. Marty I need help can you do an updated lesson on drop d tunning riffs and licks please!

  14. is it crazy that I have the same guitar he has

  15. thank you

  16. dicks in the mouth 😉 please send your chord book

  17. turn the speed to 0.5 and it will look like he's either retarded or baked out of his mind

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