Drunk guitar lessons volume 1

in this first ever series of drunk guitar lessons, I go over some important topics like men and women, tuning tricks, what it means to be a man, and much more. stick around and learn something. depending on how this goes over I may do more. I also might not. the future is so uncertain right no isn’t it?


  1. There is already someone on YouTube doing drunk guitar lessons. Have you ever heard of Ed Dana from the Ed Dana YouTube channel?

  2. So glad to see you back to posting new content. Thanks man!!!

  3. There needs to be a “Sorry, I am not Jesus” T-shirt lol

  4. … it should be dropped D. LMAO.

  5. Drew Parry Guitars/music

    What amp/settings/ pedals if any are you using ?. Sounds good. And I love the lesson lol

  6. Friggin awesome! Love it!

  7. Velvetone Studios

    Jesus. Tune him down an octave and I’d think it was me talking.

  8. Haha 8:15ish – Crazy Train? Yes I'm partially drunk as you, thank Gawdz I can totally relate to your stories.

  9. I thought I was the only one who believe women are never happy. What sucks is when you get yelled at whether you give it your all or not so there's no incentive. It's like they just live to break or challenge you 24/7.

  10. I would say you’re a little more than buzzed lol

  11. Your a fuc…n genius. You are so right will . I love all your videos

  12. ALRIGHTEE THEN !!! I'st lkei this vidideo waz aimmed at me. Roll that beautifull bean footage. ( hic ) 4:20 Southern Cross by Crosby, Stills & Nash ?? ( hic )

  13. I don't know what the fuck to say!
    I subbed!

  14. Best. Video. Ever. I shall aspire to turn up my palm muting until I one day die of creepy old age. And I'll avoid gorillas.

  15. This might be my favorite guitar lesson from youtube. Heck, probably in person too.

  16. Your the Best Brother!!!!

  17. Jostein Chr. Andersen

    Haha, this was cool! 😀

  18. Thanks Will , it occurs to me I haven't ever played drunk, I'll have to try it. Can't hurt .


    " Dying from old age " not further specified is usually one of two things : 1. Complications of Alzheimers 2. Gradual onset congestive Heart Failure .


    In most of regular life ,.I'm the designated Old Fart, and I have to be careful not to be Creepy Old Guy .

    But playing music with other people makes me feel young ! Nothing metaphysical about it . I play traditional country into bluegrass- ish . Everyone else is really "experienced " , and under 70 is ribbed for being a youngster .

  19. AvyScottandFlower

    Hey man
    GREAT to see your sense of humor again – viral stuff to come, hopefully!
    The ones in the past where you were complaining about clients etc.. I was VERY sympathetic, but also bummed out
    Great to see you back at it! Cheers

  20. swineosonic records

    Great Psychology LOL, I can now play awesomely

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