Dua Lipa – IDGAF – Acoustic Guitar Lesson/Tutorial 🎸How To Play Chords/Rhythms

Acoustic guitar Lesson on how to play Dua Lipa’s song IDGAF on acoustic guitar.

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  2. Joshua Esperilla Anaya

    Its not in g string you got it wrong

  3. You call me all friendly
    Tellin' me how much you miss me
    That's funny, I guess you've heard my songs
    Well, I'm too busy for your business
    Go find a girl who wants to listen
    'Cause if you think I was born yesterday
    You have got me wrong

    So I cut you off
    I don't need your love
    'Cause I already cried enough
    I've been done
    I've been movin' on since we said goodbye
    I cut you off
    I don't need your love, so you can try all you want
    Your time is up, I'll tell you why

    You say you're sorry
    But it's too late now
    So save it, get gone, shut up
    'Cause if you think I care about you now
    Well, boy, I don't give a f*ck

  4. Great Playing, thanks a lot! But you messed up the TAB. Starting 6:00 you play the chords (that actually sound right) but the TAB shows something slightly different. You're playing with your ring finger on der D string but the TAB shows to put the finger on the G string. It's easy to sort out, no big deal. I just wanted to mention it in case someone else is wondering about the correct finger placement like I did in the beginning.

  5. Thank you sir 🙂

  6. I want to know that are these chords or something else?!?!?

  7. Thank you very much

  8. Pedro Hernandez

    No ters left to cry fall out boy version

  9. The Random gamer

    How do u play the melody and the chorus at the same time at the beginning

  10. Vincent Robles

    Wrong tabs dude

  11. Tindra Westling


  12. I just got a guitar yesterday, this is my inspiration and goal to learn this song

  13. I suck at guitar and I practice everyday and I hate myself for it

  14. Boooooooo its too fast

  15. Thankyouu

  16. how do you do that sliding thing when you transition from the verse to the pre chorus? It sounds awesome. I often hear it on some acoustic covers I dont know how to do that

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