Dust on the Bottle – Guitar Lesson and Tutorial – David Lee Murphy

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This is a preview of our lesson on Dust on the Bottle by David Lee Murphy.


  1. Lonnie Christopher

    ……….Nailed it……one of the greatest of all country songs……….

  2. Chantal Desjardins

    Could you slow it down like 12%?

  3. I was wondering if I could buy the sheet music from you instead of signing up?

  4. Yup, you got it!

  5. Can these tutorials be played via an Apple TV through the format given after you pay for either a monthly or annually?

  6. What's the speed. EX: 120. For metronome and tempo

  7. Hmm, I wonder how you can do those fills and still stay within the acoustic guitar part…

  8. AstronautSpaceCake

    sweet solo, great singing!

  9. where are the chord diagrams?

  10. isn't this tuned half a step down?

  11. Six String Country

    Thanks for the requests! We can't do all of the requests that we get but we always take them into consideration. We are about do some more Jason Aldean!

  12. Night train by Jason aldean

  13. Could you do whiskey lullaby by Brad Paisley?

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