Eagle Eye Cherry – Save Tonight – Easy Beginner Song on Acoustic Guitar Lesson

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  1. Great job Marty Cheers Mate!

  2. Thanks! I'm struggling with the transitions but I'll keep working on it until I can play it! It also sounds a bit like wake me up by Avicii anyone else agree?

  3. marty you're the best ! but sorry man the strumming pattern is slightly wrong..

  4. Marty or Justin guitar who is better??

  5. I love this guy makes it so easy and understandable

  6. great job man , will you make a cover?

  7. stop at 4:49 LOL

  8. I find myself watching your videos often for songs I'd like to learn – thanks for the clarity and taking the time to show us! On a side note, must be nice doing what you love for a living! :D

  9. Евгения Булгакова

    Cool teacher! Very useful. Thank you:)

  10. Awesome!

  11. teach Amie by Pure Prairie League!

  12. Hi Marty youre the best guitar teacher,explaining very well.
    Can you please upload a lesson of Deep purle song "Soldier of fortune ".Thanks for the lessons appreciate it

  13. this is the 1st song ive started to learn, ive got the chords down and the rhythm, just bloody hard putting them together, but im getting there slowly :)

  14. Merci Marty ! 🙂
    You are international !

  15. Thanks for posting these. They are really helpful!!

  16. Belen Garcia Calvar

    You're awesome men

  17. You are a great teacher, am learning this one right now am doing great. Would really like to learn how to play Teardrop could you do a video for that one please :-)

  18. What guitar do you use?
    What is the name of your guitar?

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