Eagles – Hotel California solo (Guitar lesson with TAB)

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Today’s video is a guitar lesson with tab for the Hotel California solo by Eagles. In this one I added some more scale charts, so please let me know if they are helpful. I try to make them better with every new video.
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  1. More classic rock solos please.

  2. Well I was searching for this !!!
    Thanks a lot

  3. I swear I was just thinking of trying to learn this yesterday. You are wild

  4. The scales on screen is actually so helpful. Keep it up!!

  5. Dr.Robert Ford

    Nikola plz do While my guitar gently weeps solo

  6. Nice tabs!
    Maybe u mention that this are the Solos for both guitars.

  7. its great to have scales nikola keep it going please nice work btw

  8. Dream theater strange deja vu pls 🙂

  9. Richard Rodrigues

    The best channel


  11. Jose David Gomez Diaz

    hey you can take the solo from scar tissue out of the RHCP live, the meadows 2017

  12. Hey men,can you make tutorial of The Adventure Rain Dance Maggie?please

  13. november rain pleaseeeeee

  14. miguel alejandro zapata olaya

    You're the best Nikola, thank you so much

  15. sebastian cuello

    Nice! This is one of the greatest solos of all time

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