Ear Training for Bass Guitar

Another free video bass lesson from Mark J Smith for www.talkingbass.net.

This week I’m giving the first lesson in the ear training course. It’s a step by step guide to the absolute basics of finding a note or phrase on the bass and internalising anything you play by way of singing along to yourself.


  1. Solfège!

  2. Mary Jane Morgan

    Thank you Mark

  3. Best learning tool that I have ever seen.

  4. Brave! But well done! Loved it, and learned something useful! Cheers!

  5. Been playing bass for years and this is such a great, simple, actionable exercise. I'm getting after it. Thanks Mark!!!

  6. herr schnitzoflitzki

    Thank you, and greetings from germany

  7. TurboDuckHeadHD In HD

    I am absolutely rubbish at anything to do with ear.

    I am listening to this without a bass and can tell this is going to give me great improvements in developing my ear.

    Thank you.

  8. I learned from this training back in high school. Now I bought it for a 12 year old. It's probably a little boring to her but she's too old for the ones with cartoons. She likes the songs. If you can't learn for this (Check this out >>https://sites.google.com/site/guitarsplaymaster ) training then you aren't trying. Practice at least an hour a day.**This is the definitive guitar training for those looking to self teach.

  9. Ear is tuff I been trying to have patience. I practice everyday but I can find notes now and things. Maybe in 3 years I'm only two years in, two people I talked to said 3 years.

  10. love this tutorials <3

  11. Michael Williams

    when are u gonna make another lesson on ear training?

  12. Freaking brilliant.
    I was just shouting `BUM` in various notes in my bedroom, but brilliant nonetheless.
    A million thanks, as always.

  13. Giancarlo De villa

    Thanks a lot!

  14. hi mark is there a part 2 on this?

  15. hello could you just play and remeber all the notes on the bass

  16. Build up a powerful ear for music. Google for Mnemonics for Perfect Pitch.

  17. Just don't do this exercise in an airport.

  18. Hi Mark, this ear training tutorial is so awesome. I'm waiting for the next lesson of this series!

  19. thanks sir,, i m practicing low notes now

  20. Sir the main problem i face i dont know what i m playing is right or wrong.plzzz help me out

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