Eastside – Khalid, Halsey, Benny Blanco: Acoustic Guitar Lesson no capo

Eastside - Khalid, Halsey, Benny Blanco: Acoustic Guitar Lesson no capo

How to play eastside acoustic guitar by Khalid, Halsey and Benny Blanco.

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This lesson is for Beginner to Intermediate players. I teach you the chords and the strumming. I tend to start from the beginning of the song and work through the whole thing section by section.



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  2. could you please do bad reputation by shawn mendes or woman like me by little mix?

  3. Please do a lesson on "Shallow" from "A star is born"

  4. I love it! Have you heard his new song Saturday Nights yet? That’s a new favorite of mine and I’d love for you to cover it 🙂

  5. Yooo please can you do 'She'll be the one' by Shawn Mendes. Its a song that he's only plwyed live and im not sure which chords he's used so it'd be awesome if you done a tutorial on it!

  6. Trust my lonely

  7. Nice i like it

  8. Your bast guitarist

  9. Plz make a video on Camilla – real Friends

  10. Absolutely amazing cover/ lesson and I loveeee this song and could u please do a lesson on dna by BTS if haven’t already

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