Easy acoustic blues rhythm – guitar lesson. Very basic – BLG001

Visit http://www.activemelody.com for more blues guitar lessons. Normally each Friday I put out a very thorough 45 min – 1 hour lesson on various topics, but this week I was caught in the launch of the new website and didn’t get a chance. So, I created this video showing you how to play a simple little blues rhythm that can be transposed into any key.


  1. TheRottingElvis

    you kinda look like Muhammad shumez from necrophagist :)

  2. Anthony Mbugua

    WoW! This is by the simplest, coolest, beautiful and interesting guitar lesson I have ever come across! Few minutes and I am I am jamming!

  3. Great lesson! Thanks a lot!!!

  4. ihsankov nugroho

    Stop introduced !

  5. Marc Piechowicz

    nice lesson, nicely explained. I got this so I'm looking forward to mastering it over the next bit of time…….what else you have for relative beginners….who wanna play the blues!!

  6. For some reason I can't play sevenths – when I try to bar I just dampen the d string

  7. Great lesson, Thx

  8. Dr-Ng'umbi Nickson Hassanally

    Thanks bro! It really boosted my rhythm playing

  9. Hi Brian, I like the way you teach this song and many others. I like your approach of first playing the song at a normal tempo at the beginning, and then showing how you play the song note by note while also showing exactly what the left and right hands are supposed to do, and how to coordinate the two. I have learned to play many songs from you because your teaching style fits well with my learning style. Great teaching of great guitar teacher. Freddy

  10. Micheal Blake Sings

    Thanks a lot Brian !! Got to work on these

  11. Great tutorial ! Thanks ! Now I'll get back to working on this ;-)

  12. brian you are the best thanks a lot

  13. Benjamin Laurent

    Bravo Brian, thanks for everything !

  14. hi there i've just found your site and enjoying it well done..

  15. What's would be count on this? 1,2,3&,4& ?

  16. I'm loving the blues rhythm lessons I just started a duo with a drummer, this really helps, this is what I meant by blues rhythm, thank you, more please!!!!

  17. how long will it take me to learn how to play the guitar ?

  18. Vojtěch Šalbaba

    I'm glad you did this quickie! Although basic and not your usual quality production-wise, it's still interesting. BTW, the new site is awesome.

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