Easy Acoustic Blues With Lead Licks – Guitar Lesson FREE TAB

Easy Acoustic Blues With Lead Licks - Guitar Lesson FREE TAB

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  1. Andy, love the blues and this is a great lesson. All the best from Phoenix, Arizona where it's 119F today……..( anything under 110F is what we call warm and anything above is what we call hot over here…..)

  2. Can you do my dearest by supercell

  3. could you do ziggy stardust by david bowie please andy

  4. Chrystal Walker

    my dad can do that

  5. Sweet!

  6. Could you please show us how how to play "la vie en rose"?

  7. can u please tell me what guitar it is ?? it actually sound differente ! it's so fabulous

  8. Thomas Merzbacher

    The pacing of this lesson is perfect. Well done! Are there any Peter Gabriel songs that you could do a lesson on and that aren't too difficult?

  9. good looking guitar dude!

  10. William Gregory

    Can u do a lesson on 'sunshine of your love' by cream

  11. Javier Hernández

    A jazz series of tutorials please!!

  12. is there a reason why you changed to this guitare for blues lessons? is it better to play the blues? thx

  13. Nancy Bevilaqua

    Andy, sometimes I think you're reading my mind about what I want to learn next! In the past few days I've been fixated on Robert Johnson (that's a new addition to my fixation on Peter Green!), so this is perfect. Thanks yet again!

  14. can you please teach "In Spite of all The Danger" by the Quarrymen now known as the Beatles

  15. Can you do What difference does it make. By the smiths?

  16. Timothy Johnosn

    Happy fathers day everyone. God bless.

  17. Could you tell me the name of your guitar? Sounds cool!

  18. Patricio Karelović Luksić

    Excelente muchas gracias, saludos

  19. Awesome, can't wait to try it 🙂 thanks.. Love Blues!!

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