Easy Acoustic guitar lesson learn Double Drop D Alternate Tuning create music songs learn chords

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Over 8.5 hours of lessons where you can achieve a richness of sound and new-found complexity that you can’t get in standard tuning. These lessons will open the floodgates of new sounds and creative pathways.

Break out of your comfort zone and learn exciting new techniques that keep you fresh, fuel your progress, and maximize the creativity that’s dying to burst forth!
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Easy Acoustic guitar lesson learn Double Drop D Alternate Tuning create music songs learn chords


  1. Matheus Brondolo

    2:20 its a song ?

  2. It's literally just your face though….maybe,I might be frustrated at the debates also…Don't mind me lol, I'll just be watching you're video…giving you a view and a thumbs but also disliking your face…And lisp

  3. Don't take it personally, I have been drinking, but I hate you're face

  4. Thanks for the video.. just started double drop D playing.. this helps…

  5. Love the "Action Graphic" cut away clips! Soo funny… Dude you rock…I have not played seriously (at all sadly) for 15+ years…At 44 years old I suddenly want to start playing again and have always love the "Single" drop D but this "Double" drop D has me on fire! May I also complement you on your non-tec music descriptions… "Shapes"  totally registered with me as a term….great video….I may be getting the DVD soon, but thanks for putting a spark in the old guitar fire brother!

  6. Totally love the way you do your video here, I always liked different open turnings and drop turnings, you've given me a lot of homework and I'm diving into it now, thanks so much, cheers

  7. Terris Heremon

    dude what region are you dvds in?

  8. cool breaking bad sound

  9. awesome, learned a lot, ty

  10. TheTheaterThug

    Going to Calfifornia

  11. That's a great instructional!

  12. martyisabeliever

    Krokus "Screaming in the Nignt" intro is in there….

  13. Now that was beautiful and awesome. What rich soung music – love it Thank tou Ben & Jeff

  14. nice  i bought that same guitar a few months ago   epiphone got this guitar right!

  15. Nice one!

  16. very useful for me. Thanks!

  17. very cool, i am going to try this out today 😉 thx

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