Easy Acoustic Guitar Lesson – The Most Popular Acoustic Guitar Strum In The World

Easy Acoustic Guitar Lesson - The Most Popular Acoustic Guitar Strum In The World

http://strummingmastery.com – This easy acoustic guitar strumming lesson is what I call the most popular strum in the world because it comes up in everything from Van Morrison to Green Day.

I’ve done thousands of guitar lessons over the years and this strum keeps coming up again and again!

This will work for just about any mid-tempo song in 4/4 time. You can easily strums songs by the Eagles, Jimmy Buffett, Van Morrison, Rod Stewart, and 100s of other common, classic guitar songs.

The great thing about this strum pattern is that you can pair it up with any set of chords and be making music as soon as you get it under your fingers.

The strum is pretty simple… you want to count like this:
1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and

Strum down on the numbers (1,2,3,4) and up on the “ands.” On beats where you miss the strings, keep moving your hand across the strings and the guitar, just don’t hit the strings with your pick or fingers.

You want to hit the strings on your guitar at beats 1, 2, “2 and”, “3 and”, 4. You’ll want to miss on “1 and”, “3” and “4 and.”

It’s pretty easy to play, just walk through it slowly and count the rhythm out loud. That makes more difference than anything.

I’ve recently released a complete DVD course called Strumming & Rhythm Mastery that covers this strum and dozens more at http://strummingmastery.com.

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  1. Great vid.
    People need to have patience,Wow!

  2. stop talking, just play

  3. Enough to put people off learning guitar

  4. Kanya Pop Aine

    shut the fuck up

  5. please dont talk to much. just directly the lesson

  6. SHUT THE FUCK UP!! The problem with most of the guys doing lessons online is they don't shut up. A word of advice, introduce the song, play it, then show how to play it.

  7. Thank you I finally get it

  8. Talks too much omg

  9. down down up up down and would u just repeat that?

  10. i prefer the (down – down up – up down)more but thx

  11. Hossin Djebbari

    Thank you so much for a valuable, well-explained lesson 🙂

  12. This makes a whole lots of sense than that up down down

  13. Sir, thank you. I cannot express what your video did for me. Your simple explanation opened a flood gate for me. I am 50 years old and have owned a guitar for 16 years and today was the very time I understood how to learn to play it. I am in your debt.

  14. SKIP TO 5:40

  15. Clear and concise. Thank you.

  16. Perfect….light bulb went on….play it slow, play it right….if you don't…your brain will have options!

  17. johnson varghese

    nice strumming pattern 

  18. Brilliant. Thank you!

  19. Anthony Nguyen

    holy crap you look like chris traeger from parks and recreation! xD btw good tutorial it help me strum better 🙂

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