Easy Autumn Leaves Chord Melody and Quick How-to-Play!

Easy Chord Melody Lesson for Autumn Leaves with transcription and tabs. Short video explaining how to play the arrangement.

Autumn Leaves is a great song to get starting playing an easy chord melody arrangements on guitar. This famous jazz standard is both a great melody and a fairly easy option to play an easy chord melody.

Chord melody is the style or technique where you play the melody of the song and add chords to it. Mostly making it a complete solo guitar arrangement with both harmony and melody.

In this lesson I will go over a chord melody arrangement of Autumn Leaves that I made. arrangement. The chords I am using are for the biggest part simple 3-note voicings called shell-voicings and I have also included some exercises to check those out.

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  1. thanks , but 2,16 ?? I 16 takt I 🙂

  2. Thank you for this video and the supporting documents – I am having so much fun learning my first chord melody arrangement. This is a great way for a beginner such as myself to enjoy making the jazz sound.

    Two questions

    1. The chord melody arrangements do not seem to be listed in the Google Docs list of Patreon files or am I just missing them somehow?

    2. Is it possible to categorize the current list of chord melodies on the Patreon page from easier to more advanced? These seems like a great way to get into playing jazz and it would be nice to have an idea on what to consider learning next.

    Thanks Jens

  3. Wonderfull!!!Thanks a lot for this vidéo…Good Job 😉

  4. Hi Jens. Thanks as always! This is a great way to learn standards.

    My favourite part of this video is the circle of fifths Gm7-C7-Fm7-Bb7 — such small changes in these chord qualities really strike my ear nicely. Do you recall having more material on such small reharmonizations? Cheers and regards! Jz

  5. "Easy" is a relative term. I hope that one day this is easy for me, but I'm not there yet. Thanks for the lesson!

  6. 0:54 Great arrangement and advise ! Love your Autumn Leaves. Thank you.

  7. What key is it in

  8. Jens, I 've been following your Jazz videos for almost a year now,(i.e. .Very challenging!), but with a lot of woodshedding, I've learned a lot from them all, but this Autumn Leaves video using shell chords is starting open my mind to other sounds and allow my ears to hear & feel the jazz I'm playing.. I'm basically self taught, and been playing off & on seriously for about 10years and love to improvise, but my problem was, the next time I attempt to play what I created the first time , I could never play it the same way. Watching the stuff in your lessons, along with your Jazz theory, Standards, and the combination of music notes /w tabs, has allowed me to learn why and what I'm playing now in Jazz. Thanks Dude!

  9. Love your Autumn Leaves Jens, shell voicing chords are inspiring!

  10. amazing

  11. Thank you for this Jens!

  12. Bian Hunter

  13. Really useful and complete intro to what I find a really difficult area in jazz. Thank you.

  14. Jens this is great thanks for the lesson!

  15. You're the man Jens.

  16. Great arrangement. Thanks for putting the tabs together which really help a lot.

  17. the shell is a revelation to me omgthanks!

  18. Hi Jens, I'm just getting started with Autumn Leaves with hopes of working through your lessons.
    Is their any way to lift the tab out and put together as sheet music.
    I hope to learn much from you.

  19. Would diatonic arpeggios be a good daily practice to have to be more comfortable playing/learning songs? Thanks for your videos by the way. I'm an average guitar player but fairly recently I've been growing a love for jazz guitar and your videos have been helping a lot!

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