Easy Bass Chord Riffs For Beginners! (tutorial & tabs)

Easy Bass Chord Riffs For Beginners! (tutorial & tabs)

This week we’re looking at two simple chord bass riffs for bass guitar. Chords can seem quite challenging to bass players when starting out because we’re so accustomed to playing single note lines.
But chords are a great way of adding interest to a bass riff while developing our technique.

Lesson Material and Practice Tracks here: https://www.talkingbass.net/easy-bass-chord-riffs-for-beginners/

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  1. TalkingBass - Online Bass Lessons

    Lesson Material and Backing Tracks here: https://www.talkingbass.net/easy-bass-chord-riffs-for-beginners/

  2. Awesome lesson!! Can you do a collection video where you show us all your cool bases? Some of them look custom

  3. I play a 5 string Ibanez, would I move up a string on these riffs? I'm new so be gentle.

  4. been practicing for 10h a day for the last week. my left wrist is starting to hurt

  5. how do i find the backing track

  6. Rhythm is notated wrong in the first example . It is notated in too fast. It should be quarter and eighth notes

  7. Lucky for me I still get to work. Feel sorry for all those who have to stay at home

  8. I dig your style.

  9. Thomas Fioriglio

    Mark, thanks for posting this! Lots of time now to practice

  10. Awesome Mark (as usual)! Can't wait for the full course.

  11. Space Expire Audio

    are you using chromakey or just white background?

  12. Scott's guitar lessons Black Sabbath

    I like it!

  13. Fun stuff. Thanks Mark

  14. 很棒的视频,每次都准时上课

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