Easy Bass Guitar Chords for Beginners (L#87)

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This lesson covers some easy chord voicings for getting started with chords on bass guitar. There are loads of different shapes for every different chord type but this lesson covers just two patterns for the Major, Minor, Major 7, Minor 7 and Dominant 7 chords.

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  1. You're not black wtf

  2. Benson Mark Akinkugbe

    Thanks so much so this…

  3. My fingers are bleeding because of the C minor

  4. Awesome lesson

  5. Elizabeth Schrader

    Oh my gosh, thank you so much for making this channel!  Today is my first day ever holding a bass guitar.  Just today, the music director at my church said I should learn to play bass guitar for the youth band, since I can already play the ukulele, and lent me a guitar to practice on.  I was so excited, until I actually took the thing out.  It was super intimidating.  Naturally, I went to YouTube to find some lessons.  As soon as I found this video, I knew I was saved.  Just an hour and a half ago, I didn't even know how to properly strum a bass guitar, and now I already know a bunch of chords and can put them into a sequence!  There is a 100% chance I will come back to your channel and website every time I practice.

  6. nice bass lesson.. love it.. thank you very much.

  7. Thanks a great video :)

  8. Fantastic lesson, 5 stars!

  9. Wonderful teaching

  10. g minor is pure pain in the ass

  11. Never knew a bassplayer would play chords… i allways thought a bassplayer would play the lowest tone from a chord. Is this also when playing more in the lower registers? Sorry im a noob, just got my bassguitar ;)

  12. Mark,

    This is an awesome lesson.

    I was trying to wrap my head around chords for a few weeks, but after watching this video a couple of times I have the knowledge I need to take my playing up a notch.

    Thank you for taking the time to make all of these online lessons. You are a fantastic teacher. Onto the Fake/Real book now! :)

  13. Too much talking

  14. hate when my notes are moody.  I get enough of that from my GF  every 28 days.

  15. Really glad I stumbled on your lessons. Great stuff. It would be cool (just a thought) to put some of the basic easy chords together in a familiar tune to make it more interesting/fun. Nevertheless, your lessons are super helpful. Thanks So much. Charleston, SC (at the beach) woot!

  16. u are the best teacher for beginners i,ve seen so far

  17. i cant do the major chords without pain.Its a hard stretch.

  18. After this lesson my left hand looked funny. It's a sign that it has learnt something. Great Job, Mark.

  19. Hi Mark
    You are definitly the best bass teacher on YouTube 
    Thank you for every lesson 
    Greetings from Bavaria 

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