easy bass guitar lesson 5 rock songs for beginners iron man led zeppelin green day sabbath

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easy bass guitar lesson 5 rock songs for beginners iron man led zeppelin green day sabbath
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  1. Appreciate the free and easy demos!!!

  2. thank you man this is the best I've seen much respect

  3. You're awesome, Bro… Really appreciate Ya… Peace

  4. Going from shredding lightning fast Megadeth songs on guitar, to playing bass is like sprinting into quick sand haha. but it will be fun to change it up a bit.

  5. Many thanks for the quick lesson.Great guy wonderful delivery

  6. Stand by me is not an easy beginner bass song! Nor is green day

  7. Anthony Hojnowski lll

    Thanks Fin I play electric bass in my school band and I want to learn some songs my friends know and will impress them so . . . Thanks: )

  8. TheAvengerShadow

    stand by me sounds better when played on e string

  9. Your the best

  10. MountainbikinMan

    Thank you my good man , you seem really chill an you are great at teaching. Rock on an have a good life thank you bro

  11. i play dazed and confused starting on the 15th mark on the E string… is your way better

  12. Aiden Frangipane

    there was some queen in there

  13. Wow this was grate gust got me a 90% in my music class would love to get lessons from you if possible just name your price and will talk thanks.

  14. This helped a lot got my bass today I've been practicing for over 3 hours watching videos and your's is the best

  15. this helped so much. I got my bass today and every video was to fast and didn't explain that much… but thanks to you I can kinda do a few songs

  16. Thank you for posting this video, it's really good, I used to play bass guitar for a while 3 or 4 years ago and you taught me what playing chords was. I never heard of that honestly!

  17. this helps so much!!

  18. What's the name of the first song

  19. i know right WTF

  20. Seriously no comments? This is awesome!

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