easy bass guitar lesson another one bites the dust queen

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easy bass guitar lesson another one bites the dust queen
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  1. How do you do a ghost note he says hold it down but it still makes noise

  2. when ever I hold down the strings on the first 3 notes the notes keep on ringing on and dies away naturally, how do I stop that????

  3. Your bass sounds lower than mine. Is it tuned down?

  4. Thanx alot, Man… 🙂 Peace

  5. great song and so easy to play .Thanks for the lesson, your a good teacher.

  6. I started playing a little today just to mess around, and I looked up this tutorial and learnt it withing like…20 minutes. Thanks man, easy to follow and easy to play!

  7. Henry Chester-parsons

    Hey, I love you tutorials, easy to follow and you have a very enthusiastic way of showing us! However, im struggling with thee ghost notes, any tips?

  8. thanks man i really needed to know this on the bass and soon i'm gonna be playing that queen classic easily!

  9. What bass is that

  10. Awesome! Really easy to learn, especially from gow I was taught, I can't read Bass sheet music, only trouble I had in the how video was the part on ghost notes, but I almost have it down.

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