easy bass guitar lesson enter sandman metallica

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easy bass guitar lesson enter sandman metallica


  1. Anyone know what pedal this guy is using? Sounds great!

  2. I want free lessons. lol

  3. Flaco te la pasas hablando!!!

  4. in the words of rich homie quan "don't look like that

  5. CarbonCrossroads

    thank you so much for up uploading!!!!!! i learned so much from this video!!!

  6. For people who are asking how to finish the riff, just add the 3,0,2,0,2,3,2,0 part you learned earlier to fourth go :)

  7. What happend to this guy? Why doesn't he upload anymore? ;_;

  8. slobodan boba nesic

    You know how to play the bass but you're a terrible teacher!!

  9. what are the tabs for this?


  11. What does he play in the beginning? Tabs?

  12. magical pineapple

    love the METALLICA FACE !!!!!!!!

  13. What distortion pedal do you use?

  14. hey, a friend of mine named josh, he got this new bass and he plays guitar and I wanted to learn how to play Bass

  15. Nightmare Fuel

    Finally. A bass instructor with GOOD technique! Keep up the good work

  16. Luiz Roberto R.Aguila

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